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Over the last twelve months France-The French Way has taken some memorable
tours through France. We have lead groups of people through Paris, Normandy,
Loire Valley, Dordogne Valley, Pyrenees, Provence, and the Riviera. I have
even taken a small group through Corsica - a place I adore!

We have looked after groups from 4 people to 26 people in size. I have never
been a great fan of the classic "group tour" mentality, and as a result
strive to put together a programme which is very personable, and most of all
fun! I think it is important that people see less, but see it better. I want
people to meet French people and experience their lifestyles, as well as
experiencing their history. I also want people to have time out, and the
opportunity to relax as well - there's no point if you need a holiday at the
end of the trip!! Don't be surprised if I get you out walking in the hills,
canoeing along rivers, boating on the Mediterranean, or tasting food in a
chef's kitchen. To think that you can do all this, as well as being looked
after by knowledgeable, personable guides! Since 1993 I have been organising
escorted tours through France. I love introducing people to this country I
love so much. We offer regular departure tours in the south of France,
special interest guided tours through France, and often I work with private
groups to look after them and their friends. I hope that I may be able to
help you see France in the future, and see France - The French Way!

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